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Re: [IP] Another one to begin pumping!

In a message dated 11/19/00 3:46:19 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Listen up, RoseLea! You accomplished what I've been trying to for a few 
 Dana receives her pump (MM 508) Tuesday and starts training with Saline on 
 following Tuesday! She is sooooo excited. She's going to find out if I can go
 to training with her so I can hear what I've been missing out on.  Thanks for
 helping someone else begin a better life. >>

WooHOO RoseLea!!!!! Ya done good, Girlfriend!

Hey, folks, RoseLea spent mucho time at Jan's BASH talking to Dana about 
pumping! Not bad for a relative newbie (RoseLea has only been pumping for 6 
months or so) to convert somebody else to the pump.

But, hey -- before RoseLea got *her* hands on Dana, *I* let Dana give me a 
bolus to show her how easy it is. Do I get credit, too?  :-)  And Mary's mom, 
Susanne, who also talked to Dana (and let Dana see that even a child can 
handle one of those puppies?)? <g>

Jan and Elvis
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