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It's time to make my holiday list, and I would really like a " nice"
scale that would accurately weigh my food, Plus convert the weight into
Carbohydrates, even more ideally give me a calorie count in the food
also! What scales do you guys use? Would you recommend them? Where
did you buy it and how much? The scales I've seen are expensive, and I
don't want to pick out a "bad" one. I have seen one advertised on the
diabetes web site, but I'm not sure how good it is.
Thanks a lot for your help!!!!
problem is that foods generally consist of mixtures of fat carbs and protein.
A scale tells you what the whole thing weighs. if you know the proportions 
of cho/prot/fat you can figure the calories quite well but we usually don't 
know that so one has to use the old cerebral computer let me think, the 
last time I ate this what did I figure on and how good was my estimate, in 
other words, experience. most pumpers stick to a meal plan of their own 
devising and are really only interested in the carbs. My doctor said 1800 
calories/day but didn't tell me specifically what to eat when which isn't 
needed with the pump and so, i try to stick with a truncated food pyramid. 
I cut of the top and cut the bottom in half. I use a cheap food scale that 
weighs in grams and ounces that I bought in Lechters five years ago. It is 
made by Health o meter  It is accurate enough for dietary use but i 
wouldn't use it to prepare laboratory reagents. it costs about 12 to $15 
there are many models but this one is compact and convenient to use in the 
kitchen. Spot.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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