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Re: [IP] Type 1 in a type 2 patient more type war stuff With apologies

A. Bender, M. D. wrote:

> *** WRONG!:
> Type 2 is recognized as occurring in type 1 patients as well by doctors,
> cde's and lab rats.
> it isn't common since most type 1's do not have the  body fat to make them
> type 2's most are quite lean.

Well, I've seen quite a fair number of Type 1's who are decidedly NOT
lean. Which is not to say that they're all prone to Type 2
insulin-resistance, but on the other hand, given how common Type 2 is in
the general population, I'd expect to see the same percentage in the
Type 1 population. 

> I hate to say it Natalie but I think you are
> being unfair. Most Doctors I know always consider the possibility of both
> existing in a single insulin deficient patient.

>From the other side of the pond, I've been on these lists for years, and
seen WAY too many people misdiagnosed. I had to endure a year of agony
with diet and orals before I finally got put on insulin, and then
another 6 months before the doc realized that the insulin at night/orals
during the day wasn't working (I'd wake up with good BGs, which would
then promptly go up as soon as I ate anything), and switched me to
insulin completely. There are a couple of others on this list who ALSO
had to endure a similar problem.

So I would say it's been my experience that most docs DON'T consider
unusual possibilities in ANY of their patients until it smacks them in
the face.  

 >some of my type 1 friends
> have been on metformin to increase insulin sensitivity without any effect
> on insulin requirements. its not always simple, white fat does increase
> insulin resistance. 

Well, then, it seems that their insulin resistance was probably
immunological rather than Type 2.  

> But: some insulin resistance is the curse of many years
> of insulin injections with "dirty" animal insulins. fat in the liver can
> also bugger up the action of insulin. On balance the medical establishment
> has done a good job walking the tightrope over the abyss of "Primum non
> nocere" First do no harm! How many type 1 diabetics do you know that
> struggle to stay thin. If they stick to their meal plan? Spot tucking his
> head down expecting to get blasted with duck poop!

Well, I would say that the year I spent mucking around with step-wise
Type 2 treatments was pretty harmful. And yes, LOOK at all the Type 1's
on THIS list who are saying they're struggling to keep thin! 

And duck poop is nowhere NEAR as bad as cat poop!!!!!

Nya, nya!!!!!  :) 
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