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Re: [IP] Type 1 with insulin-sensitizers

Hirsch Meisels wrote:
> This is a message I received from an endo:
> <<<Hirsch,
> Glucophage would have prevented your liver from responding to hypoglycemia by
> restraining hepatic glucose output..that would probably have negated any
> glucagon use also.
> I think that a type 1 taking a med which will "negate glucagon use" is
> pretty dangerous.

So who said Glucophage was the only option available??????

And do you really have Type 2 genetic insulin resistance?

The questions I have are: do you have wide swings of BGs? People who are
insulin-resistant TEND not to have too many hypos, because they are not
very sensitive to small variations in insulin supply. 

Do you need a LOT of insulin every day? That can be a clue to insulin
sensitivity -- but it would still need to be determined whether insulin
resistance were due to immune-system factors, or to Type 2 genetic

But anyway, even if one chose not to use Glucophage, there is also
Rosiglitazone, and other insulin sensitizers coming down the pipeline.

But on the other hand, why obsess about weight gain??? You can increase
insulin sensitivity the old-fashioned way, by eating a LOT less and
exercising a LOT more!
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