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Re: [IP] soft set Micro's QR, 6mm

I am confused also.  I also read a MiniMed blurb saying to use an
Antiperspirant.  I could not find one without
some sort of lubricant in it, which nothing would stick to. .  It never
occured to me to wipe the Antiperspirant off with a towel because that would
contaminate the sterile field. That is not a problem for you?

I instead turned to an extra adhesive.  I first used a product called
Mastol.  It worked great but in the"tiny use once" configureation it was
expensive.  Now I use #7730 Medical Adhesive by Hollister.  It works every
bit as good as the Mastol did. 7730 comes in a $25 spray can.  One can lasts
me about a year. You will need some sort of acetone solvent (Uni-Solve etc.)
to remove the residue.

You have to deal with your skin being very very sticky when you put the
infusion set in. I keep a Solvent pad handy to clean my fingers.  If you get
any on your fingers it makes it tricky to put the tape on.

You also need to clean up any excess after you put the tape on or your
clothes will stick to it. The clothes will make a sound not unlike velcro
when you pull them loose. This stuff really makes things stick.-James
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