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[IP] Nora's pumping!


Our 6 year old daughter Nora started pumping with her Animas R1000 last 
monday, 11/13.  It's been a busy week!!!

She loves her pump (but hasn't named it yet!), and loves not having to get 4 
shots a day.  We started with comfort sets which we tape down with a piece 
of IV3000 with a hole in the middle (she managed to un-stick a set while 
swinging this week.)

The kids in her first grade class are very CURIOUS about her pump!  Nora and 
I did a short presentation about it, and they asked great questions.  They 
are all very accepting and supportive about her diabetes in general, as is 
her T1 teacher.

She wears her pump to school in a Clip N Go; then she puts it in a Waist it 
for night-time (she still tends to "wander" a bit overnight.)

We're still doing 3 to 4 blood sugar tests over night to fine tune her basal 
rate, but we're getting there (bleary eyed).  Nora loves to program her own 
boluses, which we approve before she activates them.  All the programming 
and button pushing has been very easy.  Her blood sugars already are not 
taking such wide excursions, even though we're still very new at this.

I've been trying to keep up with the IP digests this week - there's so much 
great information.  Thanks to everyone for sharing with us about pumping!!

Sally, mom to Nora, 6, dx @ 4
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