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[IP] re: spot's type 1/2 and docs

I have thought for a while too, at least for me and my
little "fits" which last weeks where my bg won't come
under 300 (supposedly b/c of hormones) that just
temporarily some sort of type 2 drug woudl be the
answer. I even pushed this option when i was in the
hospital last month..but they wouldn't do it. I asked
an endo friend his opinion on type 1's on type 2
drugs, and he told me they wouldn't help me at all,
but there was a test docs could do for insulin
resistance (or something similar) in type 1s, but
unfortunately as of now, tehy can't treat the sub
condition which causes type 1s to not always react
well to insulin.  My own PCp as well as endo have
repeatedly refused to put me on any form of type 2
drugs even with my history of humalog/ketone fits
which I never had on shots...Im not overweight and
hormoens are possible (DUH) but there should be a way
to at least get bgs down some even when upping the
insuiln isn't helping..

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