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[IP] been in hospital

Hi all
I has hospitalized from Monday thru today and came home to 485 
messages. It will take me some time to read thru them all.

I went in because I was having severe pain in my right side, 
constipated and very dehydrated (don't urinate for 24 hours). They 
quickly realized it was the appendix and gallbladdar. Doctors 
waited til Friday to remove them both. They wanted me both 
hydrated and with some antibiotic in the system. 

I do want to relate that I felt more in control at the hospital then I 
ever had with my diabetes. The infection did effect my blood 
sugars...we don't know why but they didn't. From Monday til late 
friday I was ordered not to drink anything or eat anything because 
they didn't know when they were going to bring me into surgery. 
But we left the basal rate alone and they didn't drip any dextrose till 
2 hours before the surgery. My blood sugars stayed between 70-80 
the whole time!! I had to convince the nurses a few times that I was 
going to bottom out in the beginning, but they quickly could see I 
wouldn't. I loved not having to fight with them about the amount or 
timing of my insulin. Had my own meter with me and could take it 
when I wanted to check. My doctor had left orders that I would take 
care of insulin.

During surgery we wanted to bump up the numbers a little so was 
temp basaled for 8 hours a little lower and the highest it went was 

Because the hospital is a teaching hospital I was visited by several 
residents and student nurses to teach them about my pump. As 
long as the pain as managed I didn't have any problem with it. I 
remember some one mentioning that when they were hospitalized 
they ask the dietician to figure out carbs on the meal served. I did 
this are the surgery and it was very helpful.

Again I have never felt so in control about the diabetes before when 
hospitalized and without the pump it would have been very difficult 
to manage the blood sugars and not eat or drink anything for 5 
days. I'm feeling much better...still in alot of pain but happy to be 
home. It's amazing I have only 14 stitches divided up into six little 
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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