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Re: [IP] Updating Profiles

At 03:22 PM 11/18/2000 George Lovelace wrote:
 >PLEASE, do not re-subscribe to the list to change your Profile.  If
 >there are changes you want made in your Profile, submit those to
 >editor@insulin-pumpers.org  or to  HELP@insulin-pumpers.org   If
 >you send a new Profile with a subscription, it simply doubles the
 >amount of space needed for your Profile, and that adds to Michaels
 >cost of running this list.  If you are returning to the list after a long
 >(or short) absence, do not submit another Profile, just let the
 >HELP@insulin-pumpers.org  Admin know that you are a returning
 >member and that you had subscription under your
 >"email @ redacted" address.

I totally agree. We want to make this a green list... so let's all recycle 
those profiles!!

(another one of those IP admins)
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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