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[IP] Outside the box thoughts

Don Francisco opines:
and endo what, anyway? I had used a GP for many years. When he retired
I went to an internist (!?) who recommended pumping, and got me on the
pump relatively easily and quickly(Yay!) What's the hot phrase, "think
outside the box."
And if you need brain surgery is the GP going to do that too?, GP's know a 
lot, they know a lot of things but very little about each thing. That is 
why you used an internist he knew more about diabetes. maybe he was doctor 
wonderful but I doubt if he could solve complex problems with nocturnal 
highs. the most important thing that a doctor must know is when he doesn't 
know. When he needs help. knowing that a pump is the current favorite for 
treating diabetes may be correct until next year when a new insulin which 
simulates basal secretion becomes available. In order to know you must go 
to conferences, read the literature and engage in learning from your 
colleagues. your doctors mmv also. If a specialist is available, I'd rather 
rely on his or her knowledge of the topic and not a general internist's. 
Spot (thinking of doing brain dusting and cleaning these days)

A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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