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[IP] Type 1 in a type 2 patient more type war stuff With apologies

Natalie Sera (The one with the ducks) writes:
Somehow, the medical establishment hasn't seen the logic of treating a
person for both Type 1 AND Type 2 -- obviously, if your pancreas is
incapable of making insulin, you will need shots (or a pump), BUT why
not treat the insulin resistance as well? There are several
insulin-sensitizers out there which may be useful.
I'm expecting that in the next few years, there will be a move toward
treating Type 2 insulin-resistance in Type 1's, but as usual, it takes
the medical establishment a long time to recognize the obvious!
*** WRONG!:
Type 2 is recognized as occurring in type 1 patients as well by doctors, 
cde's and lab rats.
it isn't common since most type 1's do not have the  body fat to make them 
type 2's most are quite lean. I hate to say it Natalie but I think you are 
being unfair. Most Doctors I know always consider the possibility of both 
existing in a single insulin deficient patient. some of my type 1 friends 
have been on metformin to increase insulin sensitivity without any effect 
on insulin requirements. its not always simple, white fat does increase 
insulin resistance. But: some insulin resistance is the curse of many years 
of insulin injections with "dirty" animal insulins. fat in the liver can 
also bugger up the action of insulin. On balance the medical establishment 
has done a good job walking the tightrope over the abyss of "Primum non 
nocere" First do no harm! How many type 1 diabetics do you know that 
struggle to stay thin. If they stick to their meal plan? Spot tucking his 
head down expecting to get blasted with duck poop!
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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