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email @ redacted wrote:
> This is off the topic of the letter, but I just had to say that I (a type 2)
> was once told that a group I attended wasn't for me because "it's for type 2s
> who don't know anything about diabetes." The only other group was only for
> type 1s. Sad.

I was never TOLD that a group wasn't for me, but after numerous sessions
of attendance at the only functioning local group, I found that it
literally had nothing to offer me, and wasn't a good venue for me to
offer anything to anyone else, either. 

This group consisted almost entirely of Type 2's over the age of 60.
That doesn't, in and of itself, mean that it would be unhelpful, but the
structure and content of the group was such that I already knew it or it
didn't apply to me after the first 2 or 3 meetings. 

I honestly believe it's up to the facilitator of the group to make sure
it has something to offer to everyone who comes, or else set up
additional groups. Mixed age groups (like THIS one) can be useful, and
mixed Type groups can, too. 

I think the CDE's who ran the group that I mentioned viewed it as a
remedial education group (as you say, Type 2's who don't know anything),
and were desperately trying to impart some knowledge. But that knowledge
had to come from THEM, not from other diabetics. 

The group I go to these days is pretty focused on exchange between
pumpers -- the facilitator doesn't even say all that much except when
she has something to contribute. There are always new folks thinking
about or just beginning on the pump, as well as a couple of REALLY
old-timers who remember the MM 502 (and the brick), and one guy who
still swears by bent needles!

The interesting part is that this group IS all Type 1, except me, and
yet I can relate to them perfectly well, and they include me with no
problem. (For those who came in after the beginning, my diabetes is
neither Type 1 NOR Type 2. It seems to be insulin-deficiency without
insulin-resistance, but it's clear that I still make enough insulin of
my own to moderate swings. It has progressed slowly over the last 8
years -- if I'm lucky, I'll never lose all insulin production!)

Anyway, Jan, you might consider just going to the Type 1 group -- who's
to say you're NOT Type 1??????


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