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Re: [IP] Need awesome ped endo in ?????

> A friend's child needs a fabulous caring brilliant ped endo .  She
> lives in the Wichita Kansas area.  If you have to travel to see the
> best, please let me know that too. Please forward recommendations to
> me personally.  Thanks.
> Ellen H. Ullman

I just looked at our Physician Referral page and noticed that we are 
missing not only Kansas, but also Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii and 
Montana.  I see members on the map from all of those states
are all of you pumping without a doctor's help?

Please folks, if you have a physician who has worked on getting 
you a pump, help out other diabetics by listing them on the referral 
page   http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/pumpdocs.cgi

George      :>)
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