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[IP] Losing weight

Hi, I just read a post about someone gaining weight
with the pump. I must be an odd-ball because I have
lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks! My nurse/trainer warned me
I would gain weight, most people do. 

I had gained 20 pounds in a very short time when I
started on NPH about 3 years ago. Very frustrating.
Couldn't do anything on that stuff to lose it either.
Well, I guess, with the pump, it's working because I
don't have to eat if I don't want to, well, I guess I
mean overeat do to the fear of lows. I'm also finding
my strength returning so that now I can go out and be
more active without fearing lows. 

I am an late onset Type 1, was diagnosed in 1996 as a
T2 by my primary care physician. Started going to an
endo last year, she ran a c-peptide which told her my
natural insulin production is gone, probably has been
for a while. Anyway, my point being that some people
sucessfully start losing weight with a pump because
they can now control all aspects of in-going food and
not be plagued by lows. Oh, I still have unexplained
lows, but not as many and not at 3am. I had one
yesterday evening and cannot figure why it happened,
but I caught it before it dropped really low.  

I'm still praising this insulin pump! Absolutely

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