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[IP] Places of Employment

I am the chief for a state agency criminal division, where we investigate
and prosecute financial crimes. I've been a sworn police officer for a
couple of decades, and have been insulin-dependent for about the same amount
of time. In the early years I had to hide the fact that I had diabetes, but
those days seem to be over.  I've been using the pump for about a year, and
am very pleased with it.  I think everyone in the bureau knows about my
diabetes, certainly all my former partners did, and the pump is no big deal.
I usually keep it in my left front trousers pocket, passing the tube through
a small hole in the seam.  There's no room on my belt with all the police
stuff we carry. Even though we are not required to wear a uniform, on a
standard day I have gun, badge, extra magazines, pager, phone, radio,
handcuffs, mini-flashlight, and mace on my belt under my suitcoat; I'm a
skinny guy, but sort of look like a bloated Pillsbury dough-boy when all
that stuff is in place, so the pump usually stays in the pocket!  I've
really enjoyed reading what everyone does for a living, keep it up.  JD
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