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Re: [IP] places of employment

I work for a company named The Nordam Group. We build airplane thrust 
reversers and engines. I have been with them for two years as a warehouse 
person who does data entry for all work done in our facility. 
I never know what my day will be like. Some days I could be at my desk all 
day and others I may never see it. My goals are to be able to go back to 
college and get an engineering degree. 
My diagnosis in October of '99 put a little halt on going back to school but 
did not put it out of mind. I have been on the pump since Halloween of this 
year and am gradually getting my energy back. I am definitely enjoying the 
freedom it has given me.
I never thought I would like having something attached to me 24/7 but if I 
had it to do all over again I would have done it a year ago.
Hope this post looks ok. I am one of the 6.0 users.

Susan Bailey
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