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Re: Re: [IP] Bad Doctors bad patients

Don't give up. As of last count I have seen four endos. One told me 
pumps were "the worst thing that has happened to diabetics" She told 
me that my problem was that I was not focusing enough on keeping my 
sugars good. When I asked if she was talking about 
diet/exercise/insulin she said those were only minor issues. Pumps 
were bad because they made people fat. When I laughed at her and told 
her people made people fat. the pump does not control your food 
intake you do, she told me I was foolish to want the pump. The next 
one was given to me by a pump rep. He said yes I need a pump but he 
is moving so he won't sign any medical necessity forms or release my 
labwork to the pump company. At this point i was very upset. My pump 
rep started calling doctors and found one who could get me in 
quickly. She is a bit of drive but as of yet has been my favorite. 
Endo # 4 got mad at me for gaining weight and being unable to take it 
off. He never thought to check my thyroid level .  Have you tried 
talking to the pump companies? They should be able to give you the 
name of your pump rep. They are familiar with who is doing pumps and 
will help you. Don't give up. Your health is worth fighting for. 
Unfoutunatly having md attached to your name does not mean much 
sometimes. I wish you the best of luck.

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