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Re: [IP] Bad Doctors bad patients

>I've been to six endo's in the last two yr.s and they don't answer
>questions,they don't believe in the pump, and I haven't felt comfortable with
>most of them. The one endo I had for 16 yr.'s hated me after my brother
>passed away bec. no one called him when it happened. He started misdiagnosing
>my problems and really didn't care. I ended up in the ER and it cost me $1000
>to find out I had an ulcer! I'm tired of endo's in Mobile, any suggestions?


I've had a similar experience in Nova Scotia.  I've eventually worked my
way up to the *only* endo in the province that will even discuss a pump but
he's not a supporter.

After five years; I obtained the pump thru word of mouth on the net and a
wonderful girl in CA.  I am going it alone with the support of pumper
friends and the IP list alone.  You may have ot be prepared ot do the same.

However;  have you been to absolutely all the endos in your state?  Are you
in contact with pumpers in your state?  Have you walked into the endo's
office with a file of emails and pump articles from this list and the net?
Are you ready to go it alone w/o any medical support?  have you cried in
front of your endo when denied the chance to try the pump?

All the above must be tried to get the pump in some areas.  don't give up
please.  You must keep up the effort and educate the endos.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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