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Re: [IP] Kids imitating

In a message dated 11/17/00 9:09:50 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My daughter was about 4 years old when she became extremely upset about my 
 testing and shots (on MDI then >>
my nephews and  nieces  is  so use to me  testing  and taking my  shots ( not 
  pumping yet)  that they  bring me  my  pouch   i  carry my  things in  and  
watch me  do it  and they    think it is  just  part of  my  life  and i  
need to  do  this  to  keep  from  being  sick  a lot of  people  thinks i am 
  wrong  for this  what  do  you all think  i do not   want  them  to  be 
afraid of  this  and  it   runs in the  family  a lot  so it  may  be a  part 
of  thier lives  someday  they   even  watch  what i  eat  and  sometimes  
say   are you   surpose  to  be   eating  that  and  it make  me  think  
twice   when they   do  that  take   care louann
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