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Re: [IP] Places of employment-long

I credit my pump with saving our business.  I had just started pumping ('97) 
when my husband and I started a pest control business here in Arizona.  I 
left my job at Motorola (stressed to the max), and was working our home 
office scheduling, bookkeeping and such.  Business was up and running for 
only 6 weeks when hubby came down with pneumonia, and didn't get better.  
Took over a year for docs to make a partial diagnosis of severe asthma, then 
another two years to find the real cause of his difficulties.

Since he couldn't work and we couldn't afford to hire anyone, Jeanie became 
the bug-man, for about a year and a half until we replaced me.  I drove a 
route truck from 7am to 7pm, 6 days a week.  Sprayed insides of houses using 
a 35 lb can, put ladders into attics and crawled them looking for creatures, 
and power sprayed yards which involves dragging a heavy hose around each 
house and reeling it back up.  In temperatures up to 120, isn't AZ fun.  
Since I had not ever done this type of physical labor before, it was 
extremely exhausting.

Had it not been for my pump, and being able to test, adjust insulin basals 
according to activity levels, being able to skip eating on busy days, etc., 
we would never have been able to keep our business going.  There were many 
times I ate a doughnut and diet coke for breakfast (the fat made the doughnut 
last the morning) I know, not healthy, but a good bg stabilizer for me, 
skipped lunch and downed an OJ at 4pm when I hit a 60 bg, and kept working 
those last few hours.

Put on a happy face for the customers, and they had no idea I had a health 
problem.  A couple people asked about my pump.  One had a diabetic sister 
visiting for the holidays, and she later started pumping.  Another had a 
diabetic daughter who was convinced to start pumping.

So to me my pump has been a real life saver, both for my health, and it 
enabled me to contribute when I had to to keep our business afloat.

Oh, yeah, and now I just fill in for other employees, mostly in the office, 
and today I did fun computer stuff making ads about pigeons and rats.

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