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Re: [IP] soft set Micro's QR, 6mm

I love the micro Softset from MM. they are great and I have had no probs. I
was having issues w/ the adhesive coming off and them pulling out, I called
Minimed and thery sugested Antipersperant and it worked. Make sure you apply
and wait about 10 minutes., then wipe off w/ a towel and Apply the
soft-sets. It is great. Donny
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Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 1:51 PM
Subject: [IP] soft set Micro's QR, 6mm

>My son, Kevin, has gotten taller and thinner by the day and we are
>with his Tender sets now. There is NO FAT at all. We are not getting
>consistant BG's now, and many more lows. Every 3 days it changes according
>how deep or shallow he went. We want to try the new Disetronic sets , the
>ultraflex, and are on every list possible for when they come in. In the
>meantime, National Diabetic Pharmacy sent me some MM micro sets to try. Has
>anyone tried them successfully? Currently, Kevin puts his set thru a
>Tegaderm. Do you do the same with this Micro set?  We are waiting for the
>weekend to do it. They look very similar to the Ultraflex except for the
>release place.
>If anyone can tell me if it worked well for them I'd really appreciate it!
>Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
>pumping 5/99
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