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Re: [IP] Changing health insurance

Paul, Most companies you work for may offer some kind of Group plan. As long
as you have had continous service, you can not be denied coverage. My
company offer 100 % coverage on pump supplies. It is one of those thiongs
that a comp. wants covered becuase control makes for alot  cheaper cost to
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From: Paul Coleman <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 10:03 AM
Subject: [IP] Changing health insurance

>Hi everyone,
>I have just started pumping in the past few weeks, and I have to admit like
>it a lot better than MDI.  However, I will be shortly changing health
>insurance companies and am looking for some input regarding past
>or tips for this change.  Right now I am insured under my folks insurance,
>because I'm an undergrad student in college, but that will change in
>because I will then have graduated and have started a new health insurance
>with my company.  I'll be moving down to the Fairfax / Arlington, VA area,
>and was curious to know if there is anyone on this list that recommends a
>health insurance company down there.  I am also concerned if the new health
>insurance will support pump supplies, because pumping can get expensive as
>we all know.  Any tips or thoughts on this issue?   Thanks in advance.
>-  Paul
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