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Re: [IP] Places of employment

I work in a local library. I have 3 neighbors in my cubicle at work. One
of them is also a pumper. We have a coworker 2 desks away that is type 2.
The type 2 just started using insulin. We ahve all worked here for along
time so we all know each others diabetes needs. We all step in and cover
desk hours for each other if any of us needs help to get our bg in range.
I test at my desk. No one minds. One of the others prefers to go in
another room. I even change sets at my desk if need be. I have
cubicle walls on 2 sides of my desk and no one would ever see me over my
piles of books. But even if they could i don't think anyone would be
bothered. Our diabetes is part of us. Other people have arthritis or
whatever and when one of them needs something the same help is offered for
their particular needs. It is wonderful to work in such an open workplace,
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