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[IP] Places of employment

I am employed through our county health department as a school nurse.  I
work in two high schools with a total of 2000 students.

Since beginning pumping 01/00, I have had many opportunities to educate
others about diabetes and pump therapy.  This school year two of the teenage
diabetics at school have initiated pump therapy which has really been a
highlight for me.  Because of the words of wisdom I've read on this list, I
have worked closely with the 7 diabetics in the high schools as well as the
13 school aged Type 1's in our county to ensure their rights are protected
and they are treated fairly and accurately.

Because I work primarily with other nurses at the health department, I have
lots of medical questions about diabetes and my pump.  It has been a HUGE
challenge to explain why it is OK for me to eat my beloved chocolate.  The
students are much easier to educate because they have few preconceived
notions.  Most students think I have a cool pager or phone on my hip.  My
officemates are particularly wonderful in recognizing my lows and getting
glucose tabs or a soft drink for me if needed.

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