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[IP] Bad Doctors bad patients

Carol Teal writes:
Now that I have support I understand why he would make constant changes-he
should not however show upset and displeasure with my bg levels-I took it
personally-my fault too but hey I am who I am. Call me crazy but I think he
should work at his understanding me not me him.
Bottom line is--- it's just not working and I need to move on. His other
patients are obviously pleased with him-good for them- I wish I was pleased
too, he's very close to home. Sooo if anyone out there has another endo
that they are happy with and who works with the Disctronic pump in Michigan
please let me know. // snip//
No! Bottom Line IS your doc should work with you not against you. If you 
can't get to a point where you can say this guy or gal is doing everything 
in his or her power to help me. OR I genuinely feel this doc does give a 
damn about me and really wants me to feel better. Another feeling you 
should come away with some of the time is this doc is really doing his or 
her best and I feel in the deepest recesses of my mind that they are trying 
to be a help to me. It does help to be able to talk one to one with your 
doc and tell them what you like about the relationship or don't like 
without fear of reprisals or having them make an insensitive comment or 
remark. If any doc does that you should get rid of them. no one needs that 
kind of behavior from a doctor. it is insensitive and hurtful. If you can't 
be straight with your doc you should tell them why and be honest about it. 
Docs don't always comply with our wishes but if there is a good 
reason  many times. Never accept an answer like it isn't available under 
your plan from a doctor. that is a determination of the carrier or sponsor 
not the doctor.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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