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[IP] Re: Welcome to Cathy coury

<< Cathy Coury  I have 3 sons the youngest 2 have type 1 diabetes.  Gabriel 
 is 6 (7yrs in Jan.) was diagnosed at 4 years, 2 weeks before my 3rd son was
 due.  >>

Cathy - Man!  I've heard many stories of dealing with diabetes but yours is 
incredible.  Talk about becoming an expert right out of the shoot.  You have 
lots to teach us and I think you'll find this listserve a valuable resource 
(and place to vent when you need).  I think you're right about the pumps 
making life easier though they require a lot of work.  I have such admiration 
for you folks who are parents of kids with diabetes.  I find it daunting to 
manage myself.  To do it "second hand" and often distant from the kid(s), is 
awesome.  Kudos to all!!!!!  Jill T
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