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[IP] Getting girth you dont like

Sherry C writes:
Due to server problems, my email at work was down for almost three days. I 
missed what all
was going on with you guys! I'm glad I can catch back up now.
I had a nasty shock last night--I caught my reflection in the bathroom 
mirror as I was
getting in the shower. Geez, I've gained weight. I'm barely three months 
pregnant and I
swear I look like I could deliver at any time. I'm sure my endo will be 
incredibly snotty
about it when I see him the 28th. He seems to enjoy making me feel like the 
world's fattest
human. I'm also sooo glad I went up a whole cup size already, too. D is NOT 
a good letter.
I just don't really understand what's happened though--I'm eating the same 
I was before.
Your endo should love to see you pregnant. He is after all a doctor and 
should understand all the amazing changes in your body that accompany 
pregnancy. Not so many years ago when a type 1 woman became pregnant it was 
a prescription for disaster not a happy occasion. as for D, it is a 
wonderful letter, your endocrine development is going along properly. I 
suggest you teach your endo how to smile Sherry, lighten up doc, I'm having 
a baby doc! You made it possible stop being so grumpy. Then ask him if you 
are his most annoying patient?  As for your take on things. the fact that 
you are getting bigger means pregnancy is going well and you baby is 
growing. It's not fat Sherry its a kid! you must feel so great don't let 
anyone spoil it for you, You will slim down after delivery. Don't sweat the 
temporary things. stay comfortable, monitor yourself closely and enjoy 
being pregnant. Stop studying your mirror image. Good luck, Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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