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Re: [IP] FUNNY Places of employment


email @ redacted wrote:
> Chief Ice Technician For the Onondaga County War Memorial in other words THE
> ZAMBONI DRIVER!!!!! Not too many of my co-workers have much to say about the
> pump. Although some of the less educated people will ask what that is on my
> hip and itell them "I have a chronic back pain problem and it is a morhine
> pump to control the pain". You ought to see their eyes bug out!! then I tell
> them it is an insulin pump so I don't get jumped outside of work ( we are
> located just a few blocks away from a bad section of town).
> Scooter

Mentioning the ZAMBONI, sure brings back memories.... In the 70s I was a
skate guard (baby-sitter)at a skating rink. 

I remember fondly (devilish grin) making "patch" ice during a regular
skating session when some of the regulars had been acting up.... 

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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