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Re: [IP] Carry around insulin pen/

I just started pumping two weeks ago with the MiniMed 508. I keep an extra
syringe at my office and in the car, thus I dont actually carry extra
supplies wherever I go. I also keep an extra vial of Humalog at work. If my
pump malfunctions and I cant get to a vial, I can use the syringe to draw
insulin out of the reservoir or tubing. If I am traveling, I will bring a
complete stash of non-pump supplies along with my pump supplies. I no longer
carry my diabetes bag everywhere I go.

I was also shown a way to not waste the insulin left in the reservoir and
tubing by drawing the insulin back into the reservoir, placing the needle from
the new reservoir on the used one, and squirting it back into the vial. This
is not recommended by MiniMed or my diabetes care team, however, it should be
fine if you maintain the sterile environment.

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