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Re: [IP] Re: Rapids

On 17 Nov 00, at 9:59, J Hughey wrote:

> > When Sofsets give you problems and you can't go to inserting a
> > Sil, call Disetronic and try out the Rapids.  They are a metal needle
> > that goes in straight like the Sofset, but they don't require any
> > inserter.  They come in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm needle lengths with
> > tubing lengths of 24, 31 and 43 inches.  Being metal, they don't
> > kink, but they will need to be replaced within 48 hrs.

> George,
> Is this the same needle that was only available my first 9 yrs of pumping? I
> bent my own until they charged more to sell them bent (I didn't pay them to do
> what I had been doing for years). WHY do they have to be replaced in 48 hrs? I
> kept mine in 4-5 days same as my SofSets now. YMMV
> Jan 

> BTW, Can't do my little U face thingy with this new HTML setting on IP - so,
> (~_^)

This is different from the straight or bent needle sets.  It comes mounted 
on a pad with hypafix adhesive around it, so you just remove the needle 
protector, the adhesive release paper and it's ready to go!  You can see  
pics of it at   http://www.disetronic-direct.com/disetronic_d/default.asp?  
by clicking on "Infusion Sets".  It's in the lower left corner beside the 
bent needle "Classics".

You just have to get bigger eyes, Jan!  ;>)
     o  o

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