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Re: [IP] Places of employment

I am a television producer for GE Medical Systems Television (private satellite network). We broadcast live training and education programs to hospitals all over the US to provide diagnostic imaging professionals with continuing education.

Just about everyone with whom I work with knows that I have type 1 diabetes. I left work one morning for a doctor appointment, and didn't come back - my diagnosis resulted in a short hospital stay (this was in June of this year). Everyone is very supportive. Those with whom I spend the most amount of time have been trained on how to treat me should I suffer a hypoglycemic reaction and the emergency response team in our building has received training on administering glucagon.

I have never felt as if I've been treated differently around the studio. I also informed everyone when I started pumping (two weeks ago)...to explain why I no longer needed to eat at a particular time and why I can eat whatever I want. One of my coworkers put me in contact with his girl friend, who is a rep with MiniMed.

Diabetes has not been in the way of my professional growth opportunities. I just found out that I will be receiving my second promotion in under a year.

Jonathan Meersman
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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