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Re: [IP] Sherry the whiner

>Sherry said<
. A few people have said that I should switch endos since mine is so
charming and all.
I'm almost
> more able to take a little verbal abuse than to think about trying out a
brand new doctor. Doctors intimidate me anyway.  I will
> admit something really childish--I sometimes change the numbers in my log
book right before I have an appointment.  I know, I
> know, I'm only hurting myself.  > I do cringe everytime I go to his office
though.  > But I guess if I have no intentions of changing doctors

Hi Sherry,

You'll switch endos when your ready.  I can relate to angonizing over your
endos appointment. Unfortunately it wounds like a lot of diabetics do. My
endo runs a dictatorship type office. I assumed my endo. was a professional.
I always thought I was doing something wrong and struggled to find out why.
Now that I have this site I am not alone and know just how normal I and my
BG's are.  He has no right to be so condensending to me.  I am changing
endos as soon as possible.

Now that I have support I understand why he would make constant changes-he
should not however show upset and displeasure with my bg levels-I took it
personally-my fault too but hey I am who I am. Call me crazy but I think he
should work at his understanding me not me him.

Bottom line is--- it's just not working and I need to move on.  His other
patients are obviously pleased with him-good for them- I wish I was pleased
too, he's very close to home.  Sooo if anyone out there has another endo
that they are happy with and who works with the Disctronic pump in Michigan
please let me know.
Thanks for listening (again)
Carol Teal
Hartland, MI
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