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[IP] Sherry the whiner

<<<<I guess I'm almost
more able to take a little verbal abuse than to think
about trying out a brand new doctor.>>>>

I totally understand not wanting to change doctors and
god knows I've kept doctors whose personalities have
driven me nuts, because they were "the best
doctor"....but it sounds to me like your main
complaint is that he/she makes you feel like a beached
whale.  Why don't you mention this (how you feel)to
him/her.  Maybe pointing out this insensitivity will
remedy the situation.  Doesn't need to be a big
confrontation, just a stern, "hey i don't like that,
knock it off".

<<<<<I sometimes change the numbers in my log book
right before I have an appointment.  I know, I
know, I'm only hurting myself.>>>>

I did this in High School, and your right, you are
hurting yourself.  I did it b/c I didn't want a
lecture from my Dr.  I think I also equated high BG's
with doing a "bad" job and since I'm a perfectionist,
this was my own denial.  Remember, the doctor looks at
those numbers to find your patterns.  If they see an
accurate pattern, they might be able to tweak
something to make your numbers more consistently on
target.  Although you might be able make these changes
yourself, sometimes it helps to have an outsider's
point of view.  I eventually accepted the fact that
Yes, I'm diabetic, I probably will be for a while, I'm
doing the best job that I can, and no matter what
anyone (dr's) say to me, I'm the one who has to live
every minute with this disease.  Hang in there!  You
can do this! xo -Alecia 

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