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Re: [IP] Places of employment

I work as an Assistant to VP for a company who underwrites municipal bonds.
My day can either be very, very busy, or very, very slow.  So slow to the
point were i have done nothing but answer the phone maybe a handful of
times.  I have gone low a couple times to the point were i broke down in
tears because i had forgotten how to type.  Everyone in my office (8 people)
knows that i am diabetic and they all know about my pump.  Only 2, maybe 3
people know what to do if i should ever go so low that i was unconsious, the
others would just call an ambulance to come get me since there is a hospital
right across the street (that's what they told me).  Everyone is very
supportive and understanding about my diabetes, i am very thankful for that.
I have worked in places who did not understand or just didn't wnat to
understand my disease.  I have even gotten fired from one job for missing to
many days, even though the majority of the day i was absent i was in the
hospital with a note from my doctor, they still fired me.  Oh well, i didn't
like the job anyway, but i still should have sued them for discrimination!
Carrie M.
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