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Re: [IP] Sherry the whiner

> know, I'm only hurting myself.  But usually I just shave a small amount
off.  For instance, I make a 168 into a 142 or


   It's allright:) I don't exactly like my endo either as he won't help me
fight the insurance co. and said that he would have never put me on a pump
as my A1C wasn't terrible (a 6.11) and I still had a nominal C-Peptide so
I'm a type weird. he also has the examination room manner of a cold fish and
only deals with MM and I'm the only D pumper he treats (he doesn't
understand my pump or how it works and made disbaraging comments about
Fluffy which hurt our feelings). But I stay with him becuase he's the local
pump expert and knows what he's doing. Also if I *know* my sugars high (over
180), I'll ocasionally make my monitor do a "control" test so the bad number
isn't in my downloaded average.  I still can't handle pizza unless my sugars
in the 50's before I eat a slice and Chinese food results in the 200's no
matter how I try. Sometimes we need to whine and vent becuase it gets the
frustrations and stigma of living with D off our chests. We have this list
to express ourselves and share tips and stories about our life with our
pumps, and occasionally our wonderful pumps and D make us whine, it's ok:)

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