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[IP] Pump/Insurance - Aetna

<<<<No powers from 
on high at the insurance co deciding what you are
"worthy" of, your doc just 

Hate to say this, but my experience with Aetna has
been fairly horrendous.  After having to submit every
piece of paper I've ever touched to Aetna to get the
pump, The person I dealt with at Minimed found out
that I was on Aetna's list of medical
denials...Apparently being diabetic since I was 6yrs
old, more laser treatments than I care to remember,
and inconsistent BG's didn't establish a medical need!
 My A1C's had been in the 6-6.5 range for about 2
years prior (I was being punished for doing too good
of a job) So, for my appeal, I was asked to submit my
self made BG charts from the past month.  A rep from
Aetna told my that she noticed I often go low after
working-out and maybe i should cut back on that!!!!! I
swear, if I could have jumped through the phone, i
would have strangled her!  I showed them SEVERE BG
fluctuations and resubmitted my eye stuff, and I was
eventually approved.  I actually got the approval and
denial letter on the same day!  I was also assigned a
"case worker" from Aetna's Diabetes management team
who tracks my progress!  She calls me every month to
see how I'm "feeling" and what my current HA1C's are. 
I explained that I have a Ha1C test every 3 months NOT
every month and she was surprised.  Needless to say, I
figure she must have some power in getting other
people approved for the pump, so I make it out to be
the greatest thing in the world!  I NEVER tell her
that before she called, I had a bleeder and there's
blood all over me and the phone...I fight Aetna over
unpaid bills at least twice a month...they are
extremely slow payers.  
Anyway, I got my pump, but they really will fight you
on everything.
PS I live in NYC...so plans may have some variation
from place to place

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