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[IP] Sherry the whiner

Hi.  I regret whining so much yesterday. A few people have said that I should switch endos since mine is so charming and all.
Well, in my huge metrolpolis of Bowling Green, KY, there are only two other endos who specialize in diabetes.  One doesn't take
any new patients and the other mostly sees type 2's and doesn't know much about pumps. I also hate change.  I guess I'm almost
more able to take a little verbal abuse than to think about trying out a brand new doctor. Doctors intimidate me anyway.  I will
admit something really childish--I sometimes change the numbers in my log book right before I have an appointment.  I know, I
know, I'm only hurting myself.  But usually I just shave a small amount off.  For instance, I make a 168 into a 142 or
something. I guess I just don't want my inability to estimate extra cheese pizza to translate into having overall poor control.
I do cringe everytime I go to his office though.  I swear those damn scales are out to get me.
But I guess if I have no intentions of changing doctors, I should just stop whining, right?

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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