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Re: [IP] Places of employment

> >     Where do all the pumpers work? It would be intersting to find out
> > type of work people do, and what fellow employees say about the pump.

I teach elementary music (K-4) in three different schools...I moved to this
grade level & started pumping (& got handfasted) all at the same time, in
the fall of 1999.  Prior to that I taught high school for ten years,
fighting the diabetic rollercoaster into some really unhealthy scenarios.

My current work involves singing & playing keyboard, teaching simple
instruments, movement with music including sign language (a source of my
distress with the trigger thumb battle), & directing grade level concert
programs.  My co-workers are really supportive & extremely interested in my
pump - it seems like everyone you talk to has a diabetic in their life, &
the fact that my diabetes is a very open subject since the pump is obviously
sitting on my hip allows them to feel comfortable asking questions & talking
about it.  Parents of my students are the same way, & the kids are
tremendous!  They want to know all about it & my meter, & sometimes if I
wear big loose clothing & they can't see Sylvie (my silver/clear Disetronic
H-Tronplus), they ask where she's at because they are worried that I don't
have my "medicine box" with me.

One of the things I really like about it (aside from the obvious...I'm about
300% healthier now!!) is the fact that it opens up a lot of conversations, &
I feel like I can help people by providing resource information.  I have an
fourth-grader who seems to be exhibiting symptoms of diabetes - his teacher
came & talked with me about it yesterday, & after our discussion is going to
contact his mother & suggest testing for it.  She said that she felt better
knowing she had someone there in the building that she could ask for
information...pre-pump I don't know that many people realized I was
diabetic - they just knew I missed more work than most, for some reason.  So
pumping has given me the gift of being more public & thus approachable...&
if that helps other people get treatment or better care as a side effect,
then I am extremely grateful for the opportunity thus provided.

Rambling & Ketonic (trying to decide if the cortisone shot was worth
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