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Re: [IP] new pumper.....question......

>  Is it common for a month long user to still have some highs?

I think all of us will still have highs until we are no longer 
pancreatically challenged.  I have been pumping for 6 1/2 years and still 
have highs more than I like but still have allot better control than with 
MDI.  Remember that just because you are a pumper doesn't mean you are no 
longer Diabetic and the highs will always pop up now and then,  there is no 
stopping them until we are cured.

>  How long do you think it should be until I'm not going high anymore?

Same as above.

>I'm finding carbo counting to be extremely challenging.  Do you have any good
>advice that might help me with it?

Really this comes with practice.  now I don't really count much of my food 
I can just look at it and tell how much I need  (if that makes 
since).  after awhile it will become almost second nature.

Brian Carter
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