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Re: [IP] Pump/Insurance - Aetna

In a message dated 11/16/00 6:58:54 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< > Jan, since you are on that big pumper list, can you
 > ask to see if anyone there has any experience with Aetna US Health Care
 (HMO)? >>

I've had Aetna HMO for the last year.  They paid for a new MM508 and all the 
supplies I ask for at 100%, no deductible. Just took my primary care filling 
out the form.  My scripts are $5 generic/ $10 name brand on formulary/ $25 
for anything else prescribed that's not on the formulary.  For example, the 
test strips I prefer are not on their formulary, but I can get the ones I 
want with Dr's Rx for $25/month, since I use 300/mo this is good deal.

Referrals to specialists are handled by your primary care and need only to be 
called in by his/her office for an authorization code number.  No powers from 
on high at the insurance co deciding what you are "worthy" of, your doc just 

Only thing I've run into that hasn't been covered is a specialist 
out-of-state my husband has been seeing.

There may be different plans, but I've been very happy so far with this one.

Good luck,
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