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[IP] emotional stress and blood sugars

About two weeks ago, I initiated a conversation with my then boyfriend
of > 7 monthes (been flirting/dating/close close friends for 11 months)
because things were feeling "weird."  We were not spending nearly as
much time together as I wanted, and I had serious reasons to guess that
he was depressed.  I wanted to help him, and I also wanted to find out
why we had hit a wall in our relationship.  (Turns out he is
commitment-phobic, highly highly independent I guess)

The conversation took a very unexpected turn and I am now single again. 
I am having a very very hard time dealing with it, because with him I
lost my support system.  Ie. my group of friends (closest anyway) were
his friends first, and while they insist its not intentional, suddenly
they are all spending a lot more time with him and I find myself alone. 
Off the sob story...

Problem is that my blood sugars haven't been under 300 in a week. 
Everything has changed.  Whereas I used to do "x" when I worked out, now
the result is -x.  

Has anyone ever experienced this?  I am very very frustrated - I don't
want to change basel rates because I feel like this should be
temporary?  How long will it last?

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