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Re: [IP] Frustrated & discouraged

> The first week was great.  Now it's not working.

> I'll call Minimed. Then I'll call my endo in a few minutes when her
> office opens to find out what to do, whether or not to take my lente
> and go back to my previous regimen or what.  

> I'm really discouraged.  I cannot do anything that doesn't use the
> SofSerter so the Sils are out.  

When Sofsets give you problems and you can't go to inserting a 
Sil, call Disetronic and try out the Rapids.  They are a metal needle 
that goes in straight like the Sofset, but they don't require any 
inserter.  They come in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm needle lengths with 
tubing lengths of 24, 31 and 43 inches.  Being metal, they don't 
kink, but they will need to be replaced within 48 hrs.

> If this doesn't work, I'll have to go back to syringes with my 
> Autoject.

Syringes, OK;  Lente, no-No-NO    :>(

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