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Re: [IP] Re: French fries

Did you notice the difference between toast and bread? I feel that the issue
lies in the fact toast is more highly concentrated in its' carbohydrates
than bread simply by the loss of fluid in the bread while toasting.

This may also be happening to the french fries, by the concentrating of the
potato fibre in the hot oil.  Fats actually DO break down to yield a certain
amount of CHO. The general rule of thumb is
CHO=breaks down (to glucose) in metabolism--100%
PRO=breaks down--60% to glucose.
FAT=breaks down--40% to glucose.

I worked in a fast food place for "My first job!" and they do add fillers
and do dip into the sugar water for the appearence and taste.  The place I
worked at had potato flour in them as well, to maintain structure to the

Either way, it is going to depend on how your body will deal with the food.

'Try or cry...'
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???
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