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[IP] Lows considered harmful. With apologies to Djkstra

Linda zwrites;
I was wondering if your cardiac condition involves angina. For me, I am much
more likely to get angina when my bg is high (possibly the high has actually
been the cause of it in the past before I started medication), so try not to
put additional stress on the heart then. (If your problem is not Coronary
Artery Disease, this might not apply to you). Despite the warnings I have
received, I have never had it with a low blood sugar. But for people who get
adrenalin surges with lows (after almost 46 years, that is gone for me), I
would think a low might be a worry, too.

I get angina when my Bgs go over 420 but I never get it with lows which I 
am usually unaware of. I agree bad lows are hell on brain cells which don't 
do well when there is insufficient glucose or oxygen around. I guess I'll 
be sucking my thumb in a nursing home with jello for brains as I get older. 
A Bender, M. D.
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