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[IP] Re: Carry around insulin pen

Hi Judy, I'm relatively new to all this, but I do what I used to do as far as 
carrying around supplies- I throw an extra infusion set, 2 battaries, an IV 
prep wipe, and fasttake meter and strips in my purse(at all times-they don't 
take up too much space) and at work I keep a couple of each in my drawer(just 
in case-you never know...) and after learning the hard way I also have back 
up test strips(forgot mine at home this AM so this was a godsent) and an 
unopened bottle of humalog in the fridge(again just in case, otherwise it 
expires in 2001 so I can always pop it into my reservoir(another item in my 
desk) if I am running low or at regular times when I feel the need to replace 
so it's a couple of extra items, but they take up very little space....
Best of Luck! Congrats!!!!!
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