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[IP] Re: French fries

Liz Davis wrote:

<<<Jim S. wrote: ....  Hirsch Meisels wrote:
 >>I'm guessing it's because French fries are "cooked more" and breaks down
easier in the stomach. What is the carb factor for mashed or raw potatoes?
(guessing higher for mashed and lower for raw) <<
As far as the cooking goes, I think Rabbi Meisels is right. I remember that
on the exchange diet raw carrots were a free food, whereas cooked carrots
were a 5% vegetable. >>>

Sorry you mixed up the names, I asked the question, & Jim answered.

Also your answer would be correct if we were talking about glycemic index
(how fast the carbs are absorbed), my question was about carb factor (carb
content).  So I think that mashed potatoes & boiled potatoes should have the
same carb factor.

I decided to do an experiment myself:
I looked up the carb factor in the book "Food Values of Portions Commonly
Potato, raw w/o skin = Wt. 112 gr. Carb 20.1 gr. which is 18% (sorry I wrote
in a previous message that it is only 15%)
Potato, microwaved = Wt. 156 gr. Carb 36.3 gr. which is 23%

Then I started to experiment:
Took a raw potato peeled it, weight it, its weight was 122 gr. multiply by
it's carb factor 122 X .18 = 22 (rounded).

Put it in the microwave & baked it, weight it again, now it only weight 75
gr. multiply by it's carb factor 75 X .23 = 17 (rounded).

Now is this right that it lost some of it's carbs (22 - 17 = 5) while

While you are figuring it out, I'm enjoying the potato! (took 2.1 units, 1
for 8).

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association
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