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Re: [IP] Is pregnancy an option?

Amy, I am a single mother and I have had diabetes for the past 22 years. 
When I became pregnant my A1C was above 9, and all of the doctors told me to 
have an abortion. I couldn't do it. they sent my to all kinds of specialists 
and every one of them said the risk was high. I may have been selfish, but I 
knew everything would work out I would deal with what ever happened. I got 
my blood sugars into control within three weeks, and remained healthy 
through the whole pregnancy by cutting out caffeine, eating right, and 
exercising. I was twenty-five when I had my son, and had had diabetes for 
ten years.
     It was a risk, but I knew deep down it would work out. Sometimes you 
have to listen to what your body can handle along with the doctors. Through 
the pregnancy I did experience insulin shock two or three times. You must 
have a lot of support if you chose to become prenant. I live with my parents 
and they have been wonderful through the whole thing.
     I did have effects on my body afterwards with continuing to have 
extreme lows, but being on the MiniMed pump has helped that. I now have a 
beautiful 12 year old son, and I have had him tested to see if he is set up 
to get Type I diabetes, and so far so good.
     I know that my story is different, but I just wanted to let you know 
that it worked for me. If you have any questions e-mail back.
Karen  email @ redacted

>From: "Amy Sullivan" <email @ redacted>
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>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Is pregnancy an option?
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:47:36 EST
>My husband and I decided not to have children because of the risk to my
>health and the baby.  I just can't be content with that decision until I
>know more.  I was wondering if anyone had an experience with this 
>  I have had a heart condition since birth, which was corrected with 
>in 1984.  My doctors told me this would not prevent me from having 
>  I was then diagnosed with diabetes in 1988.  They said it would take more
>effort, but I could still have children.  My concern now is that I have
>protein in my 24 hr urine collection for the past 10 years and am taking
>capoten to slow it.  I still have not been told that I cant have children,
>but I have read so many scary things about kidney damage and pregnancy.  I
>am just wondering if anyone in a similar situation has had a successful
>pregnancy and how it affected their health?  I am only 22 and not even 
>to be a mother. I just want more information on my options.  Also if it is
>unsafe to become pregnant what are safe forms of birth control for a
>diabetic woman?
>Please email me directly if you would like.
>Sorry so long but I need to talk!
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