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[IP] soft set Micro's QR, 6mm

My son, Kevin, has gotten taller and thinner by the day and we are struggling 
with his Tender sets now. There is NO FAT at all. We are not getting 
consistant BG's now, and many more lows. Every 3 days it changes according to 
how deep or shallow he went. We want to try the new Disetronic sets , the 
ultraflex, and are on every list possible for when they come in. In the 
meantime, National Diabetic Pharmacy sent me some MM micro sets to try. Has 
anyone tried them successfully? Currently, Kevin puts his set thru a 
Tegaderm. Do you do the same with this Micro set?  We are waiting for the 
weekend to do it. They look very similar to the Ultraflex except for the 
release place.

If anyone can tell me if it worked well for them I'd really appreciate it!


Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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