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[IP] My email is back! And boy, am I fat.

Due to server problems, my email at work was down for almost three days.  I missed what all
was going on with you guys! I'm glad I can catch back up now.
    I had a nasty shock last night--I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror as I was
getting in the shower.  Geez, I've gained weight.  I'm barely three months pregnant and I
swear I look like I could deliver at any time. I'm sure my endo will be incredibly snotty
about it when I see him the 28th.  He seems to enjoy making me feel like the world's fattest
human. I'm also sooo glad I went up a whole cup size already, too. D is NOT a good letter.
    I just don't really understand what's happened though--I'm eating the same I was before.
Actually, I'm snacking a little less.  I don't work out alot, but I climb a lot of stairs and
I walk my dog twice a day, so I'm not a complete slug. The charming comment my endo made
about getting as big as his building someday may not be far off.
I usually eat cereal for breakfast, Cheerios or Crispix with skim milk.  Then something like
a turkey sandwich, apple, and granola bar for lunch.  Then a medium sized dinner. I rarely
eat chips or cookies or anything.
It's scary to think what I may look like in the upcoming months.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Approaching the size of a building, or at least a newborn whale
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