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Re: [IP] Frustrated & discouraged

On 16 Nov 2000, at 9:45, Notha wrote:

> Did you try the longer insertion set (with your soft serter) that came with
> your infusion set? 

uh oh.  There was an Ultimate in there?  heh.  hm.... 
<trots back to bedroom>  FOUND IT!  whew.  For a minute I thought maybe 
I'd used it without knowing it!  Yeah, I'm gonna try this one.

>Did you try something besides your tummy? Your backside
> or thigh? Don't give up....you might figure it out.

Haven't tried backside yet.  Thigh was a bit better.  (I thought tummy was 
supposed to be best).

On 16 Nov 2000, at 8:49, Terry Caskey wrote:

> I solved this by switching to the other tape that comes with the soft
> set--the tough tape with the fiber reinforcing.  This seems to keep the
> soft set firmly in place.

and I'll try this too!


Called Minimed, spent hours and hours (ok, it *seemed* like hours) on the 
phone doing various tests.  Pump's fine.

So called endo who said doesn't think the infusion set is the problem 
because sleeptime basals are *perfect*. (went to sleep at 121 woke up at 

She wants me to try increasing my carb ratio from 23g/unit to 18 or 20g/unit 
and fax my bgs on Friday.

Right after I sent my dejected email to the list, I went and inject 4 units 
(syringe) and ate a big ol' jelly donut.  I was mad.  Apparently that was too 
much cuz I went down to 71 by the end of the call to Minimed, but HEY! I got 
my bgs below 100 for once!  :-)


Change it hard.

It's all rather anticlimatic.  And I'm not satisfied.  But that's ok.  That'll drive 
me to figure it out one way or another.

"Never never give up" Winston Churchill
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